Tips where to eat in Granada near the Alhambra

After or before a visit to the Alhambra many travelers are looking for restaurants in and around the Alhambra. To eat near the Alhambra there are not many options to choose from, although there are some restaurants that are well worth a visit and are known as the best in the area.

Where to eat near the Alhambra

If you are looking for a place to eat before or after your visit to the Alhambra we recommend you to book a restaurant next to the Alhambra. These places near the complex tend to have a high influx throughout the year, so it is best to book in advance to have a guaranteed table at the time you prefer.

One of the most emblematic restaurants is La Mimbre, which has its origins in an old kiosk for travelers going up to the Alhambra neighborhood in 1890. Already in the 70s of the last century it became a restaurant that preserves the flavor of Granada and that had among its lovers celebrities, artists and bohemian travelers. Its terrace is highly recommended.

Jardines Alberto is another restaurant near the Alhambra that deserves a special mention. It is a place to enjoy typical Andalusian dishes in an inn-like room with exhibitions and an impressive Andalusian garden with views. A picturesque place typically from Granada.

Restaurants in the Alhambra area:

Italian cuisine DE L’ANGUS

exterior pizz

Italian cuisine DE L’ANGUS is a business located at Paseo Sabica, 32 1° PISO, Granada.
It is a restaurant establishment. The type of cuisine is Italian cuisine

Inner courtyard Torcuato
Entrance to Casa Torcuato Restaurant

The Restaurant Casa Torcuato Alhambra : (+34) 858 13 47 43) You will enjoy the best Andalusian cuisine in Granada. It is located just in front of the Alhambra parking and was founded in the Albaicín in 1932, although it was not until 1946 when it started its activity with its current name.

It is a restaurant where the traveler finds a friendly and familiar treatment, with the most representative dishes of Andalusian cuisine and traditional products of the highest quality. The restaurant enjoys a great reputation among both locals and travelers visiting the city and is therefore one of the must-visit places next to the Alhambra.

Restaurants of 5/4* hotels near the Alhambra

If you are looking for hotel restaurants near the Alhambra there are also interesting options to consider. The restaurant of the Parador de Granada offers a wide and varied menu to discover the best of Granada’s gastronomy. Thanks to this it has earned a name within the gastronomic panorama of the city.

No less interesting is the restaurant of the Hotel Alhambra Palace, a restaurant with a menu with the best of Mediterranean cuisine with innovative touches that mixes the spirit of traditional cuisine with innovative techniques in cooking. One of the restaurants in Granada with the best reviews published on the web by previous customers.

These are some of the best options of restaurants to eat in Granada after a day visiting the Alhambra. They are ideal places to recharge your batteries while enjoying excellent quality cuisine in picturesque locations that faithfully represent the architecture and lifestyle of the Andalusian city.

restaurante alhambra palace
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