Tips How to Book a guided visit to the Alhambra

A visit to the Alhambra is one of the best experiences you can enjoy during your stay in Granada. This monument is one of the most visited in the country, its entrances are limited for reasons of capacity, protection and conservation, and also the demand of national and international travelers far exceeds the available supply each year. So, if you want to visit it, book as soon as possible.

Visit the entire Alhambra in one day

To visit the entire Alhambra in one day it is best to hire official guides of the Alhambra who know the monument and its history perfectly and make a step by step tour of all areas. These tours include entrance tickets to the Alhambra and the cost of the official guide service so you don’t have to worry about anything.Reserva ya o te quedarás sin plazas.

It is important to plan your visit in advance, as tickets sell out quickly and advance purchase is the only way to secure your tickets. Experts recommend buying tickets around three, two or one month before the date you plan to visit the Alhambra, as it is the only way to guarantee that you can find tickets to visit the most emblematic monument of Granada.

Alhambra of Granada

Book in advance your Alhambra Guided Tour

Booking in advance the guided tour of the Alhambra is something fundamental that any traveler should take into account. The Alhambra has a limited number of visitors per day in order to protect the monument which, coupled with high demand, means that tickets are never enough and are sold out every day.

You just have to schedule your visit well in advance and relax until the long-awaited day arrives to visit the Alhambra and be amazed by its charms. Some travelers who do not know this arrive in Granada without tickets and are left without seeing the Alhambra because they are all sold out. To prevent this from happening, there is nothing better than booking a guided tour that includes entrance and official guide.nada mejor que reservar una visita guiada que incluye entrada y guía oficial.

See and Learn about the Alhambra with a Specialized Guide

Knowing the different emblematic points of the Alhambra, such as the Golden Room, the Moorish Hall, the Hall of Comares, the Palace of Charles V or the Patio of the Lions by the hand of a guide who knows its most important details, the most surprising curiosities and all its history, makes the experience much better.

Our official Alhambra guides are part of the Official Alhambra Guides Association and organize the tour in such a way that the visitor discovers the most unique and impressive areas of the Alhambra. The guided tour, which has an average duration of about 3 hours, allows the traveler to get to know the monument in depth in a much more interesting way than if he visits it on his own.

In addition, during the guided tour, headphones are given to the clients of the guided service so that they can move freely without losing any detail of the guide’s explanations. This way you can observe everything that catches your attention while the guide explains the history and peculiarities of each area of the monument.

visita alhambra guiada en grupo
Guided tour of the Patio de los Leones